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Impaired Driving

You may have technical defences

Drunk driving can be referred to as DUI, DWI, over .08, impaired driving, and refusal to provide a breath sample. They are highly technical offences with a vast and ever-changing technical and legal issues. We are on top of the latest case law and defences. Criminal defence law is all we do here at Advocate Law.

This can be life changing

If you enter a guilty plea or are convicted of drunk driving you will face, at the very least: a fine, a one-year driving prohibition, a criminal record, and skyrocketing insurance costs. Depending on your unique facts, you could go to jail. You will be suspended from driving until your matter is resolved in court. If you’re charged with drunk driving right now, you are already considering all of the negative effects a conviction will have. We will discuss all of this with you, openly and for free.

We defend against ALL criminal code and drug charges.

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