Calgary Reviews

"I 100% recommend Advocate Law if you are looking for someone who will fight to get you the results you deserve. I felt respected and comfortable, but more importantly I felt that I mattered as a client. Thank you again! Do not hesitate to reach out to this firm if you are looking for help!!!"

Tamara Young

"I definitely recommend Advocate Law. They are very professional and have great communication skills. I had an amazing outcome with them. If you need the best help you can get then go there!"

Kevin Patino

"Advocate Law goes above and beyond for anyone! Very easy to get a hold of and will answer as many questions u have. Always made me feel comfortable! Highly recommend."

Dozha Fala دزها فله

"If you want someone who will do everything in their power to help fight for you, Advocate has the group of Lawyers you’re looking for. They’re kind, compassionate and exceptional at what they do. You won’t find a better team to fight for your rights and freedom."

Desiree Friesen

"Advocate law has been so helpful from beginning to end. They never stop trying to get the best results and you’ll always feel they have best interest in mind."



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