Jeremy Newton

Jeremy Newton

Jeremy Newton is an owner of the Advocate Criminal Defence office in Airdrie.

Jeremy obtained his Juris Doctorate of Law degree in 2011. He first worked as a generalist lawyer, and then he worked for over 10 years as a Federal Prosecutor. During his time with the Federal Government he worked on hundreds of high profile cases all across Alberta, and trained numerous police and correctional officers. He continues to be sought out by officers for advice.

At a young age, Jeremy was provided an opportunity to become acutely aware of the difficulties many people face before the criminal justice system. His father was a criminal defence lawyer and Jeremy enjoyed going with him to court. Falling asleep in the benches of the Supreme Court of Canada is an early memory of Jeremy’s. As a result of this upbringing and his time within the Federal Prosecutions office, he has strong relationships with some of the smartest and most influential people in the industry.

Jeremy is an eager and expeditious advocate. In his first year out of law school, he took the Alberta government to court, and won. Alberta tried to appeal, but he kept winning, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, causing a law to be overturned. He is one of the youngest lawyers to have done this. 

As a prosecutor, Jeremy’s most rewarding work was in the pursuit of non-traditional file resolutions, including drug treatment court, indigenous court, and discharges. He understands there are many reasons a person could get involved with the courts, and that it’s important to advocate for those who get swept up. 

Jeremy is able to defend you throughout all of Alberta.


Serving the following locations:
  • Airdrie
  • Calgary
  • Canmore
  • Cochrane
  • Didsbury
  • Drumheller
  • Lethbridge
  • Medicine Hat
  • Okotoks
  • Strathmore

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