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Allegations of sexual offences are very serious and can have life-changing consequences if you are found guilty. Sexual assault trials are complex and have many specific rules. You will need an experienced legal guide to walk with you through the process, from the first moment you learn about the allegations, when you first speak with the police, to navigating the complicated sexual assault trial process. 

Our team at Advocate Law provides experienced legal guidance and advocates for you for the best outcome. If you or someone you know is charged with a sex crime, it is crucial to consult an experienced criminal defence lawyer. We will create a strong defence that could help you avoid the consequences of these severe charges.


What is Sexual Assault?

There are many types of sexual offences, which reflect the many ways in which people can come into sexual contact with each other.

Some common charges are:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual interference
  • Invitation to sexual touching
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual interference
  • Voyeurism
  • Corrupting morals
  • Child pornography

For a charge to be considered sexual assault, there must be a sexual component to the incident. Sexual assault is a type of assault which violates the sexual integrity of a person. An objective test is conducted based on the incident. This test determines if the assault was sexual in nature. Groping and grabbing can also constitute a sexual assault, as can kissing someone against their will.

If there is a sexual assault allegation of penetration, there is a minimum three-year (four years for victims under 18) jail sentence, along with 20 years or more on the Sex Offender Information Registry. This charge is very serious, and in the current social climate, you will need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you.

Our team of experienced sexual assault lawyers has dealt with all forms of sexual assault allegations. We will defend you without judgment, and we use our knowledge and cutting-edge legal expertise to fight against your sexual assault charge.

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Sexual Assault FAQs

What are the sexual assault charges I can face?

Sexual criminal charges come in various forms in Alberta. Some common charges include sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, child pornography, sexual exploitation, luring a child and incest.

Should I get a defence lawyer if I am charged with sexual assault?

Sexual assault charges are serious, and they require help from an experienced criminal lawyer. The Advocate Law team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in defending against sexual charges. We will provide reliable and cutting-edge legal advice on your next steps and how to best protect your rights.

What happens if I’m convicted of sexual assault?

If you are found guilty of sexual assault, you could face serious consequences, including a criminal record and a jail sentence. Penalties for sexual assaults in Alberta depend on whether the Crown proceeds summarily or prosecutes as an indictment. For a sexual assault summary conviction, if the victim was under 16 years old, you could face a minimum six-month sentence and a maximum of 18 months imprisonment. For a sexual assault by indictment, if the victim was under 16, you could face a minimum one-year prison sentence and a maximum of 10 years in prison. You will also be required to register with the National Sex Offender Registry.

What is the sex offender registry?

The National Sex Offender Registry is an online database for the RCMP and law enforcement that records information on individuals convicted of sex crimes in Canada. The registry allows law enforcement agencies to monitor convicted sex offenders and search in the database to identify possible suspects in the vicinity of a crime. The registry includes personal information like the offender’s name, offence(s), date of birth, gender, primary residence, employment information and other personal details. The length of time an individual must be registered ranges from 10 years to life and is determined by the Criminal Code.

Can my sexual assault charges be dropped?

Sexual assault charges are dropped for many reasons. Sometimes, the charges are settled before the trial. If you are looking to avoid the impact of sexual assault charges, you will need a skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyer. The dedicated team at Advocate Law is committed to defending your sexual assault case and ensuring you receive the best possible outcome.

What is sexual interference?

Sexual Interference is touching, either directly or indirectly, with an object or any part of the accused person’s body, any part of the body of a person under the age of 16 for a sexual purpose. This offence has a mandatory term of imprisonment attached if you are found guilty. The mandatory term of imprisonment is 90 days if proceeded summarily and one year as an indictable offence.

What is invitation to sexual touching?

Invitation to Sexual Touching is a criminal offence. It occurs when a person invites, counsels, or incites someone under 16 years old to touch them with their body or an object for sexual purposes. This offence carries the same mandatory minimum sentence as the offence of sexual interference.

What is consent?

Consent for any sexual activity must be clear, continuous and given willingly. It’s necessary for all sexual acts and is a voluntary agreement. The Criminal Code states that if someone is below a certain age, also referred to as the age of consent, and in consideration of your age or any position of trust, consent cannot exist. A lack of consent can lead to criminal charges.

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