Mr. Collard's Cases

R. v. S. Sexual Assault

Mr. S. was alleged to have sexually assaulted his wife repeatedly. Mr. S. was looking at a serious pennitentriary sentence if convicted. Maurice ran the trial and won. Mr. S. is free and can see his…

R. v. BC Drunk Driving Causing Death

The client was charged with drinking and driving causing death and bodily harm, times 3. Mr. Collard ran the trial in the Court of Queen's Bench. After a head-on collision on Highway 11A and testing…

R. v. KC Shootout

After a shootout in a residential neighborhood in Red Deer with multiple people shot and cars and houses with bullets lodged in them; and with multiple Crown experts in forensics and ballistics,…

R. v. RM Robberies

2 car jackings at gun point. After a full trial where Maurice successfully argued his client was under duress, the client was aquitted.

You are charged with a criminal offence. Now what?

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