Mr. Collard's Cases

R. v. C. Robbery

Mr. C. was alleged to have beaten up and robbing a disabled man walking downtown. As a result of Charter issues raised by Maurice, video evidence was excluded and Mr. C. won his trial.

R. v. S. Attempt Murder x3

Mr. S., an admitted drug dealer/importer, was alleged to have shot 3 different people at close range with a shot gun in separate shooting events. 2 charges of attempted murder were stayed before trial…

R. v. W. Trafficking

Charged with possession for purpose of trafficking 10 litres of GHB professionally packaged. Following a 7 day trial the accused was found not guilty of trafficking.

R. v. V.M. Drug Trafficking

Mr. V.M. was alleged to be travelling down Highway 2 with 10 litres of GHB (the date rape drug). As a result of search and seizure Charter issues pointed out to the Crown by Maurice, the charges of…

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