Jamie-Dee Williams

Jamie-Dee Williams

Jamie-Dee Williams graduated with her Juris Doctor from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2022. Before attending law school, she obtained extensive experience as a frontline worker, assisting individuals struggling with low incomes and limited social and economic support. She also holds a legal assistant diploma and a Bachelor's degree with a major in Criminal Justice. 

Jamie-Dee's career path has included the role of Probation Officer, Domestic Violence Support Worker, and Family Court Counsellor within British court systems in British Columbia and Alberta. In addition, Jamie-Dee is trained in facilitating cognitive behavioural interventions and basic mediation. She is passionate about ensuring that people receive fair treatment by the justice system and have a voice during the process. 

Jamie-Dee now brings her compassion and experience with the courts to advocate for people in the criminal sphere. She understands the social and emotional impact on those involved in the criminal justice process, including the accused and their families, and is driven to help others understand the often-ignored human element of the criminal justice system. 

Since joining the team at Advocate Law, Jamie-Dee has contributed to successfully defending complex drug trafficking cases, managing clients facing murder charges, and has obtained bail for people awaiting trial. Whatever your circumstances, Jamie-Dee will handle your case with technical expertise and professionalism to achieve the best results possible and will help you understand your options with empathy and care. 

Jamie-Dee is based in our Red Deer office and is able to defend clients throughout Alberta.

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