Mr. Phyper's Cases

R. v. K. Murder

Charged with murder. Deceased was stabbed 30 times after entering the accused’s residence while armed. Prosecutor’s initial position was life in prison. However, murder was reduced to manslaughter as…

R. v. B. Multiple

2016: Arrested with duffel bag of illegal guns in vehicle. At trial Phypers successfully argued he had no knowledge of firearms. Found not guilty. 2017: Charged with armed robbery. Alleged to have…

R. v. W. Meth Lab

Mr. W. was alleged to have a motorhome on his farm that was being used a meth lab (yes Breaking Bad style). After a police raid involving multiple armoured vehicles, helicopters, and multiple SWAT…

R. v. R. Trafficking

Charged with possession for purpose of trafficking heroin. Phypers argued the search and arrest was unlawful and contrary to charter of rights. All evidence was excluded and charges withdrawn.


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