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Mr. Collard's Cases

R. v. V.M. Drug Trafficking

Mr. V.M. was alleged to be travelling down Highway 2 with 10 litres of GHB (the date rape drug). As a result of search and seizure Charter issues pointed out to the Crown by Maurice, the charges of…

R. v. W. Trafficking

Charged with possession for purpose of trafficking 10 litres of GHB professionally packaged. Following a 7 day trial the accused was found not guilty of trafficking.

R. v. S. Attempt Murder x3

Mr. S., an admitted drug dealer/importer, was alleged to have shot 3 different people at close range with a shot gun in separate shooting events. 2 charges of attempted murder were stayed before trial…

R. v. C. Robbery

Mr. C. was alleged to have beaten up and robbing a disabled man walking downtown. As a result of Charter issues raised by Maurice, video evidence was excluded and Mr. C. won his trial.

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